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Deadly Politics - a Novel
Jerry Labriola, M.D.
Publisher: Strong Books
Copyright:  2013
Price: $24.95
Finished size:
5 ˝ x 8 ˝
Total Pages: 311
ISBN-13: 978-1-928782-45-2
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2013930168
Available in May 2013 - Amazon -
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Deadly Politics

Deadly Politics
A novel
by Jerry Labriola, M.D.

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Just out. Order now at Amazon, also for Kindle.


In an exhilarating new novel, Jerry's next novel returns to the now quiet Connecticut city of Hollings. (Strong Books; $24.95 hardcover, some time in the spring of 2013).  We see the return of several familiar characters and familiar settings.


Book Description: 

Deadly Politics features the return of Dr. David Brooks, the quirky but relentless hero of Dr. Labriola's first three books. Now, twelve years later, David has given up his medical practice one that was restricted to making house calls for other physicians in favor of becoming one of the country's leading private investigators, specializing in political corruption. 

When Hollings General Hospital decides to become a research center, the consequences become startling and deadly. He is persuaded to investigate the murder of Connecticut's sitting governor, a man with no prior political experience but who rose to that position with the financial contributions of many wealthy undesirables and assistance from overseas characters including longtime nemesis, Juan Carlos Saltanban. 

But David faces more than he'd bargained for. Against a backdrop of cavaliers, villains, and witty dialogue, Dr. Labriola weaves a page-turning tale that takes readers to Gibraltar (with a harrowing captivity scene in a cave on the Rock of Gibraltar); to the perilous streets of Egypt (Cairo); to southern France (Provence); to the charm and secrets of Argentina (Buenos Aires); and to the insulated island of St. Helena. Along the way, David is confronted by assailants determined to prevent him from establishing a relationship between the personal effects of Argentina's Eva Perón and a Japanese element planning to end the world with inhaled arsenic. An ornate dagger, one matching the one used in the Governor's murder, figures prominently throughout this action packed mystery.  

For new readers, Jerry's favorite Murders at Hollings General is a terrific novel to become familiar with 'the cast of characters'.  This is available as an eBook for Kindle and at Amazon in it's original hard cover form. 

Watch for details on this new upcoming novel. Information will be leaked through Twitter.