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Scent of Danger
Jerry Labriola, M.D.
Publisher: Strong Books
Copyright:  2011
Price: $24.95
Finished size:
5 ˝ x 8 ˝
Total Pages: 336
ISBN-13: 978-1-928782-28-5
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2010940701
Available in June 2011 at any bookstore or
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Scent of Danger  - click to see Cover
A novel

by Jerry Labriola, M.D.

American international treasure hunter, Paul D’Arneau, is asked by Gens de Verite, an ancient French organization, to investigate the theft of a secret perfume formula, and is immediately swept up in a maelstrom of cryptic messages, personal assaults and murder. The formula dates back to the days of Napoleon, the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, the controversy over the Elgin Marbles, and possibly Cleopatra. Hastily planned journeys from Paris to Grasse, France––the perfume capital of the world––and to Cairo, Alexandria, London and the islands of Elba and St. Helena heighten the suspense.

Renowned for his expertise in forensics, esteemed for his rectitude in the shadowy world that trades in cultural artifacts and his ability to track and authenticate stolen art treasures, Paul seizes Verite’s offer as a chance to broaden his career as well as earn a six-figure compensation and the promise of a one million dollar bonus if he succeeds.

What are the secrets hidden in Egyptian temples? In the tomb of the mysterious Lady Beckett? In a tiny blue perfume bottle? What is the connection to bioterrorism, Islamic extremists, and to the rainforests of the Japanese underworld?

The suspenseful storyline, punctuated by slices of authentic history, keeps readers hanging on until the novel’s stunning climax.