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by Jerry Labriola, M.D.
Imprint: STRONG Books
Publisher: Publishing Directions, LLC
Publication Date: 
November 2002
Price: $21.95
Finished size: 
5 ½ x 8 ½
Total Pages: 347
ISBN: 1-928782-38-8
Library of Congress Catalog Number:
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Murders at Brent Institute - click to see Cover

Summary of the latest book, publication date: November 2002.


Medical, biological and technical research, particularly in the area of stem cell research, genetic engineering, clotting, super germs and bioterrorism, are turning up some awesome and chilling new possibilities for the future of the human race.  While we are only beginning to understand the potential benefits and threats these discoveries hold, one write has boldly crafted a mystery whose characters are under the influence of the heady powers these advances promise and their moral repercussions.  Perhaps no author is better suited to tackle these issues then retired physician and one time politician Jerry Labriola, M.D.  In the much anticipated new installment to his Dr. David Brooks Medical Murder Mystery series, Murders at Brent Institute (Strong Books; Hardcover. $21.95, available September 2002). Dr. Labriola interweaves a fast-moving, seat-of-the-pants mystery and compelling characters with the latest thinking on the issues posed by cutting edge biomedical research.

A practicing physician for nearly 35 years, Dr. Labriola had the opportunity to practice some forensic medicine in the Navy when he first got out of medical school.  An interest in local politics eventually lead to the Connecticut state senate, but his love for writing and mysteries eventually won out.  Murders at Brent Institute, Labriola's fourth mystery novel, is  an exciting tale complete with two murders and a kidnapping; ruthless mobsters connected to American, South American and Asian mafias; hostile professional rivalries; and a sinister president of a small South American country.  The newest mystery also features the irresistible Dr. David Brooks, the author's charming and not-entirely-hard boiled sleuth for the new millennium.  Fans of Dr. Labriola's Murders at Hollings General will welcome the return of Dr. Brooks and his signature bow ties, black belt in karate, and an attaché case nicknamed Friday.  Also back are Dr. Brook's petite and spunky fiancée, police detective Kathy Dupre, and sidekick Musco Diller, a cab driver with some unexpecting sleuthing skills.

When a key scientist at Brent Institute of Biotechnology is murdered in his own home, Dr. David Brooks has little to go on besides a box of chocolates left at the crime scene and a few telltale signs that it may have been a contract killing.  In this thoroughly engaging yarn with relentless plot twists, a second grisly murder follows on the heels of the first and it soon becomes obvious that Dr. Brooks himself may be the killer's next target.  The clock is ticking when a colleague's daughter is kidnapped. and Dr. Brooks must come up with a plan to catch the killer and face down some of the world's most dangerous criminals before any harm comes to the girl. 

The author's varied interests and expertise are apparent on every page of this exiting mystery novel.  Dr. Labriola is co-author with the renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee of Famous Crimes Revisited, a book that examines some of the most high profile criminal cases of the last half century, including the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder, the Sam Sheppard case, the John F. Kennedy assassination, the JonBenet Ramsey case, and the Nicole Simpson murder.

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