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    The Budapest Connection: A Novel
    Dr Henry Lee's Forensic Files: Five Famous Cases
    The Maltese Murders
    Murders at Brent Institute
    Murders at Hollings General
     Famous Crimes Revisited

Testimonials for The Budapest Connection: A Novel

"[Dr. Lee is the] best expert criminologist and witness that I have ever encountered, a witty and engaging speaker, a master storyteller.  Beware! Don't start reading The Budapest Connection after dinner; if you do, take the following day off.  there is no good place to stop."

F. Lee Bailey

As the head of the high-powered Global Interactive Forensics Team (or GIFT), Liu investigates the murder of three young women whose naked corpses are found arranged in a triangle at the Brooklyn Marine Terminal in New York City...  ...CSI fans will find plenty to savor.

Publishers Weekly

"Sex, murder and mystery - a winning combination for the new forensic thriller from the master of crime scene detectives".

Dr. Michael M. Baden and Linda Kenney Baden
Authors of Remains Silent

"The world famous doctor of fact has shown that he can also write fiction.  Henry Lee has collaborated with Jerry Labriola to write a novel about an international crime that could come from tomorrow's headline. If you like forensic crime detection, this true to life roman-à-clef is a book for you. 

Professor Alan Dershowitz
Author of Preemption: A Knife that Cuts Both Ways

"Dr. Lee has written an entertaining, fast paced thriller chock-full of international intrigue, real-life crime scene investigation and forensics. This is better than CSI."

Carol Henderson
Director of National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology and the Law and Professor of Law, Stetson University College of Law

"Drs. Lee and Labriola are naturally storytellers and they have done it again.  The Budapest Connection is an immensely powerful thriller with action, suspense and international intrigue worth of two books." 

Brian Jud
Host of The Book Authority TV Series and author

"Dr. Henry Lee, he world-renowned forensic scientist, has now given us a book of fiction, a thriller.  the plot of The Budapest Connection captures your curiosity with its insights into the life of a forensic scientist. 

Haskell M. Pitluck
Retired Circuit Court Judge and past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (1995-1996)

"Dr. Henry Lee is writing novels in his spare time!  Whether he is recollecting, recreating or fantasizing, The Budapest Connection is an exciting, educational, interesting and suspenseful reading!" 

Harry Lee
Sheriff, Jefferson Parrish, Harvey, Louisiana

"Drs Lee and Labriola have created a winner, a novel filled with murder and intrigue."

Ursula McCafferty
Author of Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea

"This story is a paradigm of intrigue that reflects the abilities and expertise of the authors.  It is a terrific blend of mystery fiction and real forensic science.  Dr. Lee is a mentor to forensic scientists and Dr. Labriola is a mentor to mystery writers."

Dan Uitti
Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association 


Testimonials for Dr Henry Lee's Forensic Files: Five Famous Cases

"Legendary forensic scientist Lee continues to build his popular bibliography with his latest collaboration with medical doctor Labriola . . . And the case that closes involving a plot worthy of fiction--two suspects accusing each other of the murder of the wife of one of them--challenged Lee's skills to reconstruct who was actually guilty."

Publishers Weekly

"An illuminating read revealing the dark details of crime from an insider’s point of view."

Dr. Michael Baden and Linda Kenney, Authors of Remains Silent

. . . reads simultaneously like a novel and a textbook . . . This book will be required reading for all of my investigators and crime scene personnel.

Sheriff Harry Lee, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Harvey, LA

Testimonials for The Maltese Murders

The Maltese Murders is the third in a trilogy of medical murder mysteries and finds part-time physician and occasional detective Dr. David Brooks dealing with the return of mobster Frankie Brick and Juan Carols Saltanban, the deposed president of Radonia, South America. Also back are Dr. Brook's spunky fiancess, police detective Kathy Dupre, and sidekick/cabdriver Musco Diller -- who has some unexpected sleuthing skills of his own. When Professor Kater Weld is found shot to death, it might be because of his revolutionary new inhaler that reportedly blocks the effects of any germ that might be used in a bio-terror attach. This page-turning mystery novel has a deftly written story that involves issues of bio-farming, eco-sabotage, and natural security that could be the stuff of tomorrow's newspaper headlines! Also highly recommended reading for all mystery buffs are the first two novels in this trilogy, Murders At Hollings General (1928782000, $19.95, Publishing Directions) and Murders At Brent Institute (1928782388, $21.95, Strong Books). 

Midwest Book Review

Testimonials for Murders at Brent Institute

"In Jerry Labriola's Murders at Brent Institute, the follow-up to Murders at Hollings General, series sleuth Dr. David Brooks investigates what looks like a contract killing of the top scientist at the Brent Institute of Biotechnology.  Labriola, a physician for nearly 35 years and coauthor with Dr. Henry Lee of Famous Crimes Revisited, brings his forensics expertise to this timely tale involving bioterrorism..  10 city tour."

Publishers Weekly (Oct 14 issue)

" . . . long on action and adventure."

Library Journal

"Dr. Labriola's background in medical and forensic science makes his latest whodunit a timely and fascinating book."

Dr. Henry Lee, Director, Connecticut Institute for Forensic Science

Murders at Brent Institute is intense, well written, and the tension explodes in a dramatic end. Labriola successfully layers the intriguing secrets featuring the engaging, if quirky, Dr. Brooks and his partner Musco Diller, owner of Red Checker Cab and world-class lock picker. Dr. Brooks is a great sleuth who bears watching for future adventures.  Murders at Brent Institute is Labriola's third thriller, the second one featuring Dr. Brooks. RECOMMENDED.

Marion E. Cason

"Dr. Labriola has once again woven a novel with characters as mysterious as the plot.  Murders at Brent Institute will grip you with its timely story line and leave you breathless during the shocking conclusion."

Beverly Kallgren
Author of The House of Seven Secrets

"Murders at Brent Institute combines the elements of the classic whodunit with the dangers inherent in modern society.  It can't get any more fast-paced then this.  A must for lovers of mystery and suspense."

Fredreck Fenn
Author of Journey to Common Ground

"This is a hair-raising foray into the world of the cunning and the ruthless, with a superb plot and vividly drawn characters."

Evora Jordan
Author of Twenty-One Days With A VULTURE

"A masterfully constructed whodunit.  Taut, compelling and certain to leave you spellbound."

Beth Bruno
Author of Wild Tulips

"A mystery novel that offers a unique glimpse at power struggles in the scientific and underworld communities.  Chilling, humorous and thought provoking"

Howard Layton
Author of The Thirteen Club

"Labriola is a master at plotting a complex, yet fast-paced mystery. In this one, a second murder raises the stakes, so Brooks is racing against time to find a killer who may be after him."

Jean Peerenboom
Green Bay Press-Gazette

"It is (Dr. Labriola's) mystery fiction that is making waves in the literary world"

James Retarides
The Hamden Chronicle

"Last year, in March, I took note of the debut of a new novelist, Dr. Jerry Labriola, MD whose Murders at Hollings General showed a deft hand at storytelling. He’s back with Murders at Brent Institute ($21.95, Strong Books), a fast-paced story that touches on stem cell research, genetic engineering, cloning, super germs and bioterrorism. When a key scientist at the Institute is murdered in his own home, Dr. David Brooks is soon embroiled in a series of plot twists that will keep you glued to the pages of this topical, exciting mystery."

Alan Caruba-
Bookviews - September 2002

"The physician turned author interweaves a fast-moving mystery and compelling characters with the latest on the issues posed by cutting-edge biomedical research."

Middletown Press

"The book’s allure lies in the mysteries of real science as well as morbid fascination with murder."

Citizens News

"Dr. David Brooks is the charming if not entirely-hard-boiled sleuth for the new millennium."

Thomaston Express

"Already receiving rave reviews."

Good Living

Testimonials for Murders at Hollings General

"Action-packed plot leads protagonist through a maze of romance, foreign drug cartels, hospital rivalries and power struggles."

Publishers Weekly

"Superb action-packed entertainment. Dr. Labriola wove his years of medical expertise into this well-written whodunit."

Dr. Henry Lee, Director, Connecticut Institute for Forensic Science

"A magnificently written medical mystery. World-class action and suspense abound. This bright new storyteller pens a page-turning thriller you won't soon forget."

Jerrold Jenkins, Publisher
Independent Publisher magazine Author of Publish to Win and Inside the Bestsellers

"The story is a humdinger . . . a real whodunit . . . from a writer who knows how to put every twist and turn into the puzzle."

John J. Daley, Book Review Editor
Waterbury Republican-American

"Jerry Labriola plainly knows his way around hospitals. He also has an appetite for murderous violence and an ear for the nuances of detective fiction. Readers of Murders at Hollings General will be glad their medical care is available in more serene surroundings."

C. Michael Curtis, Senior Editor
The Atlantic Monthly

"Reader--you find yourself in the care of Gerald Labriola, M.D., whose prescription is a cardiac stress test in the form of a novel. From the first diabolical and grisly murder to the final confrontation, be prepared for a persistent adrenalin surge."

Floyd Kemske, Author of Human Resources and The Virtual Boss

"Believable characters. A medical thriller with all the right symptoms--tension. suspense, humor--and a stunning diagnosis."

Beth Lordan, Director, Creative Writing Program, Southern Illinois University
Author of And Both Shall Row and August Heat

". . . a good, fast read . . . a page turner. I hope Dr. David Brooks is planning a reappearance."

Green Bay Press Gazette

"Labriola has woven . . . a tight, fast-paced tale, with enough twists and red herrings to keep the reader guessing."

Herald Citizen, Cookeville (TN)

". . . readers tumble through one surprise after another. Non-stop action from alluring characters, dimwits and dopers, contemporary sinners."

The Bookreader

"Take your vitamins before you read this book. You’ll need lots of energy to keep up with Labriola’s protagonist."


"Dr. Labriola’s chief success is in creating a likeable part-time detective whose equaling appealing lady-friend on the force provides some pleasant romantic moments in between the mayhem."

Marvin Kaye
Professor of Creative Writing, NYU
Nero Award Judge

Testimonials for Famous Crimes Revisited: From Sacco-Vanzetti to OJ Simpson

"Dr. Henry Lee is a genius, the leading authority alive in the area of forensic science and a great detective. It is simply fascinating to see the most famous cases of our time through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes of the 20th Century. This is much to learn from this engrossing book."

Barry Scheck, Brookln
New Your, Defense Attorney for O.J. Simpson

"Drs. Lee and Labriola have brilliantly captured the insights and drama of the famous cases they examined. Having worked intimately with Dr. Lee on the JonBenet Ramsey homicide investigation, I cam to appreciate his reputation as possibly the most eminent criminologist in the world and certainly qualified to write this riveting book."

Alexander Hunter
District Attorney, Boulder, Colorado

"The inscrutable Dr. Henry Lee ...deploys his extraordinary detective skills to reexamine some of the most notorious murders of the twentieth century. A must for not only mystery fans but also for those interested in learning how today's sciences can illuminate problems of the past."

Michael Baden, M.D.
Co-Director, Forensic Medicine Unit, New York State Police

"A great forensic thriller that once again demonstrates how real life can be more exciting and incomprehensible then any work of fiction. A surefire bestseller."

Cyril Weeht, M.D. J.D. Coroner
Country of Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Having worked closely with Dr. Henry Lee, it goes as no surprise that the book he has authored with Dr. Jerry Labriola is a blueprint from the successful analysis of some of the most famous crimes of the century. Just follow the carefully observed details of the times and crimes to reach your own conclusion about whether justice was truly done."

Susan Dannelly
Assistant State Attorney, Miami, Florida

"A fast pace read about some (in)famous cases .. of the 20th Century with an emphasis on the forensic science aspects - informative for the public and instructional for the practitioner."

Haskell Pitluck
19th Judicial Circuit Judge, State of Illinois

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