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Shocking Cases
Jerry Labriola, M.D.
& Dr. Henry Lee
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication Date: 
 February 2010
Price: $24.95
Finished size:
5 x 9
Total Pages: 264
ISBN-13: 978-1-59102-775-1
Library of Congress Catalog Number:
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Shocking Cases from Dr. Henry Lee's Forensic Files: 
The Phil Spector Case / the Priest's Ritual Murder of a Nun / the Brown's Chicken Massacre and More! (Hardcover)   - click to see Cover

by Jerry Labriola, M.D.

Dr Henry C Lee is highly regarded throughout the law-enforcement community as one of the most talented and experienced forensic scientists in the world. He has also received widespread public recognition and media attention through his association with sensational criminal investigations, including the JFK assassination, the suicide of White House counsel Vincent Foster, the Chandra Levy homicide, 0J Simpson, Jeri Ramsey, and, most recently, the Caylee Anthony cases. In this book, Dr Lee and critically acclaimed mystery writer Jerry Labriola, MD, team up again to present another true-crime page-turner on five notorious incidents: The Phil Spector case: Legendary music mogul Phil Spector was charged with murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson, found slain in his mansion. But has Dr Lee produced forensic evidence suggesting her death was a suicide? The Brown's Chicken massacre: The savage murder of helpless employees of a restaurant in Palatine, Illinois, was left unsolved for over a decade until the painstaking forensic skills of Task Force and Dr Lee eventually identified the killers; and, Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Dr Lee discusses his role in the excavation and, in some cases, the identification of hundreds of bodies in the former Yugoslavia. The evidence he uncovered was later used to build a case against suspects indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal. It also includes: Murder in the Sacristy: The brutal murder of a nun in a Toledo, Ohio, church had bizarre ritualistic overtones and remained unsolved until a priest was prosecuted twenty-six years later - the same priest who had conducted the nun's funeral service! Dr Lee testified at the trial of the priest and here he demonstrates how the perseverance of law enforcement officials and forensic scientists eventually solved the crime; The shooting of a Connecticut state trooper and the unintentional shooting death of a fourteen-year-old young man: Dr Lee discusses the dual hazards of police world - being killed or injured in the line of duty and the accidental killing of innocent victims or suspects. In Hartford, while racial tensions threatened to spin out of control, Dr. Lee reconstructed the shooting of an young African American by a police officer. His diligent work defused hostilities that nearly led to a riot. Combining fascinating details of forensic science with a vivid narrative, this is must reading for true-crime readers and forensic science lovers.